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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have, and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, then please feel free to contact us.


What can a Personal Trainer do for me?

There are many reasons why people hire a personal trainer. Motivation, safety, individualized instruction, effective workouts, to bolster confidence, sport-specific training, injury rehabilitation, to focus on technique, or to learn new skills, are just some of the reasons. You may want a trainer to motivate and push you to the point where you begin to see lasting results and to give you ongoing encouragement and support so you keep it up!


What happens at the initial Personal Training Intake appointment?

The purpose of this first meeting is to help you identify specific and quantifiable goals in regards to your body and over-all fitness, to assess your current physical fitness levels in regards to muscle balance, core stability, endurance, strength, and flexibility, and to discuss what options will be best suited to help you achieve your goals. We also use this time as a means of getting acquainted with you, your needs, and your personality… to learn a little more about who you are as a person and to give you a chance to do the same about us.


What if I am completely out of shape?

Each trainer works with each client based on the current fitness level of the individual. The advice given is individually tailored to help the client make steady progress towards achieving a higher level of fitness and well-being. Our goal is to give you fitness advice and some tools to build a better you. And ultimately, the further your journey may be, the more help we will be able to give you along the way…especially getting started!!!


What if I don’t think that I can afford personal training?

You can just stop thinking that now!!! I have never, nor will I ever turn a person away that wants or needs help because of money. Helping you is our number one priority.  It comes way before making a profit, and will always be much more rewarding than turning a dollar. We cannot provide this service for free, but I promise you, you will not walk out of one of our facilities because you could not afford our help.