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Why You Should Have A Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach 

1. A qualified personal trainer optimizes each workout for your goals.

Our personal training tailors each of your workouts in such a way as to force your body to adapt to the demands of each exercise in order to achieve your goal(s). Every body is unique, and so is yours, from genetics, past history, injuries, etc. We tailor each of your health and fitness workouts for your unique body in order to accomplish the greatest possible results and ultimately achieve the best workouts for you!

Each personal training client has specific a goal, and usually more than one. Different fitness goals require different exercises, workouts, and nutrition. For example, weight loss workouts are very different than muscle toning, bodybuilding, or strength training.  Also incorrect exercise and program selection can result in severe muscle imbalances.

We balance your bodies muscles during each and every workout, while still focusing on accomplishing your individual fitness goals. The old saying, “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” holds true for muscles and your body as well. If one muscle or joint is weaker with respect to the other connecting muscles, then that weaker muscle will hold you and your workouts back, and will make you stagnate and plateau, sometimes for years, and will often cause injury and/or chronic pain. We correct this balance through the efficient use of exercise selection and stretching. Our personal training will prevent this from happening to you and will allow you to accomplish each of your goals, while changing as your body does.

2. A qualified personal trainer optimizes every minute you spend exercising.



After nearly ten years in the health and fitness industry, I cannot tell you how many people I see going to the gym for hours on end just to come in next week, next month, and ultimately next year looking the exact same as the first day I saw them walk through the doors! I they come through the doors and go through each day with very little intensity, drive, or motivation, often doing the exact same exercises and workouts that I saw them doing last week!!!! You don’t have to spend two or three hours a day in the gym to get great results, but you do have to come to the gym with a sense of purpose and a plan!!!

We will create a fundamentally sound, individually designed exercise program that includes strength training, cardio, stretching and nutrition and that has been designed for you and your needs! If you come into the gym each day, knowing exactly what you are doing and why, versus just coming to the gym with no rhyme or reason, YOU WILL GET RESULTS!!!!

This is what we do for you!! We will take you through a comprehensive assessment and tailor a program that will get you phenomenal results in half the time you were spending “spinning your wheels” before. We can and will get you results if you can give us at least three quality workouts each week!  One of my old drill instructors from the Marine Corps used to always tell me, and I quote, “Hey genius, work smarter not harder!” A little harsh I know, but eventually I got the point.


3. A qualified personal trainer can and will help you accomplish your goals in weeks or months, not years.

Our personal training gives you better results in a shorter time just by the nature of the continuously changing exercise program. Your program will force your body to adapt to the progressive demands placed upon it by the increasing difficulty level of the exercises that you will be doing each and every visit.


As your body is progressively stressed it is forced to adapt to the increasing stress, making you become stronger, have more endurance, increasing muscle tone, core stability and become over-all more physically fit - and as an awesome by-product of all of this... you will look and feel better!

Over and over I hear from personal training clients and gym members that have tried countless exercise programs over the years (or the same exercise program) that they just haven‘t been able to achieve the results they are looking for. STOP THE MADNESS!!!

After personal training with them for the first week or month, they tell me that they see more results from our few sessions together than in the many years they have been working out on their own! Stop doubting that you can get results and start getting them TODAY BY GETTING ON A PROGRAM THAT WORKS!!!

4. A qualified personal trainer can take years of wear and tear off of your body.

There is a phenomenal book out there called “Younger Next Year.” It is about the ability of a quality nutrition and exercise program to takes years off an inactive persons body, and how to live the rest of your life like you were many, many years younger than you actually are. I know, with 100% certainty that this is a reality because I have seen it time and time again during my career in health and fitness.


In regards to physical health and fitness, every person has two significant ages. One is their chronological age, the years they have been on this earth since they were born.  The other is referred to as relative age, or sometimes biological age, the age of their body in reference to others within their society. A qualified personal trainer, can turn back your biological clock by at least ten or more years in almost every case!!!!

That’s right folks!!! Rigorous exercise and high quality nutrition are the closest thing that we have to the fountain of youth yet! And I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for something else to come around either. Every single one of you out there, from the age of 40 to 80+, can look and feel years younger by working hard, hand-in-hand with a qualified professional. I promise you, anyone out there who works with one of our personal trainers for one calendar year, will feel ten years younger by their next birthday. So lets start adding years to your life and, more importantly, life to your years today!!!


People of all ages, body types, and levels of fitness benefit from personal training. From the beginner exerciser, to hardcore gym rats, to seniors looking to feel young again, to the professional athlete and Olympic athletes who all have coaches and personal trainers of their own, there is not a single person out there who cannot benefit from the objective, external feedback that is offered by a high level fitness professional.

The goal of our personal training program is to achieve the following benefits:

• Body fat loss / weight loss
• Body shaping and muscle toning
• Cardiovascular fitness
• Increasing energy, stamina, & endurance
• Increasing sports performance
• Increasing muscle strength, muscle endurance, and muscle flexibility
• Improving coordination
• Enhancing immunity
• Reducing stress and anxiety
• Increasing libido
• Looking better and feeling better*

* which improves one and all areas of your life, from doing better at work and at your career, increasing self-confidence, enhancing self worth, increasing feelings of accomplishment, improving relationships, etc.

We design a comprehensive exercise and nutrition program to achieve your goals. Your Personal Trainer, through support and fitness expertise, keeps you moving towards your success, while maintaining a positive genuine concern for your over-all physical, mental and emotional well-being. Your personal trainer supports you towards your fitness goals while helping you to stay focused on the rewards of success. When you reach a plateau, your Personal Trainer redesigns your fitness program to advance you to the next level and to continue to achieve maximum benefits for your efforts. By changing your exercise workout, your personal training program remains fresh, new, challenging, and keeps your interest.